38. Cena mesta Presova

Nadeje starsie chlapci - Free Skating

Panel of Officials

RefereeMr. Ivan JAKUBOVIC MT
Technical ControllerMr. Karol SCHLESINGER TN
Technical SpecialistMs. Zuzana DRNZIKOVA NRH
Assistant Technical SpecialistMs. Lucia STAROVICOVA NRK
Judge No.1Mr. Ivan JAKUBOVIC MT
Judge No.2Ms. Ludmila KOMAROVA PO
Judge No.3Mr. Rudolf GLUCHZAK
Judge No.4Ms. Ivana BEBKOVA PO
Judge No.5Ms. Kveta MATEJOVANRH
Data OperatorMs. Wanda STANKOVIANSKA BAP
Replay OperatorMs. Iveta BENZOVA LM

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